Yuma Mobile X-Ray Service

mobile-vanAs the pioneer and industry leader in mobile digital imaging services in Yuma and Yuma county, our “DR Digital Imaging Environment” sets the standard for service and delivery of information. We provide the highest quality digital services with state-of-the-art “DR Technology”. Offering on-site mobile DR digital x-ray, we are here to meet all of your          X-ray needs. Call us toady.

Mobile X-Ray demands surges….

Given a growing aging population, a rise in obesity rates and an increasing demand for patient-centric medical care, there are times when healthcare professionals simply need a “radiology room on wheels.”

Mobile x-ray is designed to be just such a solution – specifically for use when it is not safe or practical to move a patient from his or her bed to the radiology department. And as mobile x-ray technology has evolved over time, users have continued to demand improved accessibility, reliability and flexibility to help address the increasingly specialized radiographic needs of patients.