Why Us?

We provide portable diagnostic x-rays with the use of Digital Radiology X-Ray machines for your patients. Our mobile x-ray services will go to your home and perform the ordered x-rays. Reports are typically available within a few hours and sent to your doctor. We cover most of Yuma County, including Wellton, Foothills, Yuma, Somerton and the San Luis Area. We provided express and accurate services to our patients while making them feel as comfortable as possible from the comfort of their home.

The Current Way

X- rays are frequently needed by the doctors to diagnose various medical conditions such as Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure and various injuries e.g. fractures and dislocations.

Typically, you will need to go to an imaging center to have X-rays done when they are ordered by your doctor. You have to wait in line and then once the x-rays are done, your doctor will have to wait until he gets the X-ray report in the next few days and then review the results at your follow up appointment.

This whole thing is not only very time consuming, but sometimes it's a very daunting task for you to perform as you are already sick to begin with.

Most of the times, doctors will refer you to Urgent Cares or Emergency Rooms to make these diagnosis and manage your medical conditions there.

Our Solution

Fortunately we have a solution to these current tasking ways. We understand that you may be too sick or unable to go to these facilities due to your current Medical Issues.
Our Mobile X-ray Services will come right to your home and perform the needed x-rays. Reports are typically available within a few hours and sent directly to your doctor, reducing the time it takes for you to be diagnosed and treated all from the comfort of your home.

These services are usually covered by your medical insurances.
This not only expedite your medical care, but also keeps your treatment costs low by preventing unnecessary Urgent Care, ER visits and unnecessary hospitalizations.
Avoiding other potential illnesses by avoiding exposure at these facilities where it's a good chance you might catch another illness.

That all can be avoided by having X-Rays done at your home, nursing home or assisted care facility.

So ask your doctor if Yuma Mobile X-ray is right for you

If your doctor has any questions, direct them to our website or have them call our office.

Office Phone: (928) 388-6072
Toll Free: 1.844.GO. XRAY.1
Email: info@yumamobilexray.com
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